Thursday, November 24, 2005


Norfolk teenager Benjamin Hamm was fined 400 pounds yesterday morning at Stowmarket Crown Court, after committing what prosecutors are calling "gross sexual harrassment". But Hamm, 19, from Cotman Close, is adamant that he is guilty of nothing.

What both sides agree on is that on the 14th of September this year, Hamm was approached by the defendant, 18 year old Kelly Savage, in Hollywoods nightclub and turned down her request for a dance. Thinking no more of it, papers arrived through the post the following Wednesday informing the bewildered teenager that he was being taken to court for defamation of character and sexual misadventure.

"What really annoys me is the fact that not only did I not harrass the defendant, but she was the one who harrassed me. I clearly didn't want to dance and she tried to force herself on me," Hamm told the press yesterday after leaving court.

Miss Savage was unavailable for comment, and a source claims that she had been out clubbing all night so was taking a rest.


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