Thursday, September 08, 2005


Until last week, The Slenderdeer High School newsletter, Reverb, was known only to members of the school's sixth form teachers and students, dealing with light hearted essays and music reviews. That was until Ben Hectares, a sixth form student, wrote a review in his regular movie column that has caught the publics imagination - and fanned their flames.

The review in question was of the 1988 movie Working Girl, and the offending passage was thus:

"... and despite this being a snapshot of the late eighties in terms of fashion and ideas, I can't help wishing that they had crashed those planes into the World Trade Center 13 years earlier to spare us from all that hair."

Apparently the furore started when one of the students took a copy home, and it was read by her disapproving parents, who contacted the school, and things escalated from there. But despite the expected backlash to what is clearly an insensitive aside about the events of 9/11, incredibly the furore centres around the fact that only a small percentage of the film is shot inside the World Trade Center, if at all, and therefore the school newsletter, and thus the school itself, is expected to be sued for libel.

Neither parties were available for comment.


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